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1 Ton -100 Percent Wire free Rubber Mulch

1 Ton -100 Percent Wire free Rubber Mulch Click to enlarge
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OSS Rubber Mulch
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100 non-tire rubber playground mulch is the safest choice for a backyard playground.  We have the only true 100 percent wire free Rubber Mulch for playgrounds.  Because it comes from virgin pre-consumer rubber rather than tire tread, it’s guaranteed 100% metal and wire-free, making it the SAFEST CHOICE for any application.   The result is a product that will not float, blow away and exceeds the testing parameters of critical fall height safety.  Unlike old dirty tires this product does not have to be coated with paint.  The result is a much cleaner product that will not leach onto your children.  The product comes in one color,Jelly Bean. Actual colors may vary slightly due to the uniqueness of this product.  Bulk discounts are available for orders above 5 tons, contact us via email.  The Price includes delivery to most addresses in the US.  Some surcharges may apply in areas of limited access.  We will notify you in advance of shipping if they are any accessorial charges. 


How many Tons Do I need? First Calculate the square footage of your backyard playground, then Multiply by factor for the depth desired.

4 inches Rubber Mulch Coverage- Multiply by 12

5 inches Rubber Mulch Coverage- Multiply by 15

6 inches Rubber Mulch Coverage- Multiply By 18

Ex.  I have a 20x30 Backyard Play set That I want 3 inches of rubber Mulch on.  Take the square footage 20x30= 600 then multiply by 9.  This yields 5400 pounds, then divide by 2000 to get 2.7.  Order 3 tons of rubber mulch to have the safest playground available.

For assistance in calculating the correct amount of product feel free to contact us


Please visit www.jellybeanrubbermulch.com to order this product.


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