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Keeping Kids safe this summer..


Are you looking for the best rubber mulch available for playground use?


Search no longer, Introducing the Jelly Bean Play mix 100 percent wire free rubber mulch.


Not only is it the safest playground surface you can choose, it diverts millions of pounds of rubber from ending up in landfills every year. 


Instead of using old dirty tires that contain threads of steel, the Jelly bean play mix is made from scraps and cutoffs from the manufacturing of rubber tiles.  The Jelly Bean Play mix will save you the cost of re-mulching with wood mulch year after year with very little maintenance.


Our 100% wire- free jelly bean mulch has been tested by for ASTM 1292 head impact attenuation and ASTM F1951 for ADA/ABA accessibility guidelines for firmness and stability. This material passed both requirements. 


The Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch has been tested to be non toxic, latex free and safe even if swallowed.  




Installation is very simple-


  1. Insure proper drainage is established and a border system is in place to contain the rubber
  2. Install a 30 year or higher rated weed fabric
  3. Place rubber over weed fabric
  4. Rake evenly
  5. Hose Down the rubber or let mother nature do the work to rinse any residual dust off the product
  6. Rake periodically as needed and use a blower to remove any debris from the surface

For answers to any other questions you have please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 866-599-8288

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